Certificates & Photos

Our most sincere thanks to

Evangelina Capobianco, for her amazing work and unconditional support as the outstanding secretary of the meeting! Thank you for your immense dedication, countless hours of expertise work, and detailed care to the meeting and to us before and during the meeting!

Alicia Damiano, Cecilia Varone, Nora Martinez and Alejandra Erlejman, for their enormous help in the design of the program book, correction of abstract proofs and numerous other aspects within the meeting organization and at the event!

Esteban Grasso, for his huge help as an excellent web site manager!

Daniel Paparini, as a great chair of the local ECR Committee!

Esteban Grasso, Mauricio Castro Parodi and Manuel Wolfson, for their excellent photos!

Ulrike Kemmerling, for providing such nice hand craft placentas as a present for main Speakers and Awardees.

Many many thanks to all of you!!!!

Alicia and Estela


In the following link you will be able to download the meeting certificates:

Meeting photos

In the following links you will be able to see and download a selection of photos from the meeting. To make it easier to search yourself on them, we decided to separate the photos in three albums. Hope you like them. Feel free to like, comment, download and share on social media. We recommend use the hashtag #IFPA2019

This album contains most of the photos including committee members, speakers and photos taken during poster sessions and other activities except from the ECR awards.

This album contains photos taken when the ECR awards were given during the opening and closing ceremonies.

This album contains a small selection of photos from the Tango show at the opening ceremony and from the music band at the gala dinner.