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It is our pleasure to announce the International Federation of Placenta Associations 2019 (IFPA2019) to be held jointly with the 8th Latin American Symposium on Maternal-Fetal Interaction and Placenta (VIII SLIMP) in the exciting city of Buenos Aires, Argentina from September 10th to 13th 2019.
The meeting has been designed to provide a great opportunity to reach an overview of the latest research developments in placenta and maternal-fetal interaction.

The chosen theme for this meeting is:
Placenta: the origin of pregnancy health and disease


The meeting will be held at the Universidad Católica Argentina. We are also glad to announce that there will be special sessions and activities for New Investigators as well as numerous possibilities for awards for New Investigators, based on the abstract ranking.


The official language of the event is english.

Aim & Organizers

Our aim

The main goal of this meeting is to provide insights into the main advances in the development, function, cellular aspects, signaling, molecular mechanisms, genetics, epigenetics and bioinformatics in the placenta and addressing the maternal-fetal interaction and other multidisciplinary issues and technical advances needed to improve the knowledge involved in sustaining pregnancy & outcomes in health and disease.

For this goal, the activities proposed will promote the excellence and warmth in both Scientific and Social aspects for delegates and young investigators in a vibrant South American City.



   Alicia Jawerbaum


   Estela Bevilacqua


Evangelina Capobianco


Alicia E. Damiano
Cecila Varone
Nora Martínez
Alejandra Erlejman


IFPA 2019 Scientific Committee

Aikou Okamoto
Carlos Salomon
Cathy Vaillancourt
Chie Pen Chen
Claire Roberts
Cristina Ibarra
Gil Mor
Graham Burton
Helen Jones
Isabella Canniggia
John Aplin
Jürgen Pollheimer
Larry Chamley
Leslie Myatt
Marijke Faas
Melissa Westwood
Michael Soares
Nick Illsley
Padma Murthi
Silvia Daher
Stacy Zamudio
Theresa Powell
Thomas Jansson
Udo Markert
Ulrike Kemmerling
Vicki Clifton
Yoel Sadovsky

SLIMP 2019 Scientific Committee

Alexandre Boberly
Ana María Franchi
Andrea Leiva
Angela Cadavid
Carlos Escudero
Cecila Soñora
Cilia Abad
Claudia Perez Leiros
Debora Damasceno
Dolores Busso
Elisa Cebral
Federico Jensen
Graciela Panzetta
Joelcio Abbade
Julio Bueno
Lawrence Hsu Lin
Leandro Oliveira
María Laura Ribeiro
Mariana Farina
Patricia Palmeira
Reinaldo Marin
Ricardo Fretes
Rosanna Ramhorst
Rossana Francisco
Verónica White

Early Career Researchers committee

IFPA Early Career Researcher Representatives (ECR): Priya Pantham and Josh Fisher.

Local Coordination: Daniel Paparini, Manuel Wolfson and Esteban Grasso.

Local Members:  Ana Racca, Christian Castillo, Daiana Vota, Dalmiro Gomez Ribot, Erika Castaño Moreno, Flavia Sacerdoti, Jimena Beltrame, Julieta Aisemberg, Julieta Maymo, Jusciele Moreli, Lawrence Hsu Lin, Luis Silva, Mauricio Di Paola, Micaela Sordelli, Natalia Porthillo, Rodolfo Favaro.



Other organizers
Web manager: Esteban Grasso

Our social media
Twitter: @IFPA_Official
Facebook: IFPA Official   -   IFPA Early Career Reserchers


For more information, please check at: www.myifpa.org & www.slimp.org



Abstracts are published in Placenta Journal.

Placenta Issue 83.
Pages e1-e118

Funding Agencies


The organizer thanks the contribution of the following sponsors of this meeting:


  • Sociedad Argentina de Biología
  • Sociedad Argentina de Diabetes
  • Sociedad Argentina de Endocrinología Ginecológica y Reproductiva
  • Sociedad Argentina de Investigación Bioquímica y Biología Molecular
  • Sociedad Argentina de Investigación Clínica
  • Sociedad de Obstetricia y Ginecología de Buenos Aires (SOGIBA)

More information

More Information comming soon

This website is currently under construction. More information will be added as available.

For more information, please check at: www.myifpa.org & www.slimp.org