Preliminary program

You can access the preliminary program in the following link:

Range of Topics

  • Cell Signaling in the Placenta
  • Cellularity in the Placenta
  • Comparative Placentation
  • Decidua-Trophoblast Interaction
  • Early Pregnancy
  • Embryo Development
  • Epigenetics
  • Extracellular Vesicles and MicroRNAs
  • Fetal Membranes
  • Feto-Placental Growth
  • Gestational Diseases
  • Immunology of Pregnancy
  • Implantation
  • Infections in Pregnancy
  • Intrauterine Programming
  • Labor
  • Metabolic Diseases in Pregnancy
  • Micro and Macro Nutrients in Development
  • Mother to Fetus Communication
  • Novel Technology for Studying the Placenta
  • Periconceptional Health
  • Placental Cell Culture/Cell lines
  • Placental Disorders
  • Placental Hormones
  • Placental Transport
  • Postpartum hemorrhage/invasive placenta
  • Preeclampsia
  • Pregnancy Complications
  • Procesess of Apoptosis and Autophagy in Develpment
  • Process of Angiogenesis in the Placenta
  • Processes of Trophoblast Invasion and Differentiation
  • Stem Cells
  • Toxicology
  • Transcriptional Regulation in the Placenta
  • Trophoblast Biology


  • Feto-maternal communication via extracellular vesicles – Organized by Carlos Salomon & Larry Chamley
  • Preeclampsia and Fetal Growth Restriction similar or different placental syndromes? – Organized by Annetine Staff & Mariana Farina
  • Mother, Fetus & Placenta Infection – Organized by Cristina Ibarra & Ulrike Kemmerling
  • Comparative Placentation & animal models – Organized by Christian Pfarrer & Derek Wildman
  • Immunology in the mother, placenta & fetus – Organized by Markijke Faas & Rosanna Ramhorst
  • New Techologies in Placenta Research – Organized by Lynda Harris & Padma Murthi
  • Cell signaling in the placenta – Organized by Andrea Leiva & Theresa Powell
  • Placental pathology – Organized by Carolyn Salafia & Lopa Leach
  • Genetics & Epigenetics – Organized by Paola Casanello & Wendy Robinson
  • Preterm birth & Labor – Organized by Ana Franchi & Federico Jensen
  • Vascular alterations in the placenta: what is happening beyond pregnancy diseases – Organized by Carlos Escudero & James Roberts
  • Metabolic diseases in Mother – Consequences in the fetus/Placenta and offspring – Organized by Christian Wadsack & Verónica White

Special activities

Early and Mid Career Researchers Activities:

  • ECR activity: “Meet the Expert”. Organized by Maria Laura Ribeiro, Jimena Beltrame, Daiana Vota, Marisol Castillo Catrejon, Lawrence Hsu Lin and Micaela Sordelli.
  • “Mid Career Session”: This activity consists of five short presentations from Mid Career Investigators, selected by abstract ranking.

Educational Activities:

  • The anatomy and physiology of a manuscript. Chaired by Yoel Sadovsky, Martin Knöfler and Anthony Perkins.
  • Women in Science: Organized by Stacy Zamudio

Premeeting Clinical Symposium

The Premeeting Symposium "Scientific Advances of Clinical Impact" is a unique opportunity to listen to seven worldwide recognized experts in the areas of Reproductive Medicine, Reproductive Immunology, Gestational Metabolic Diseases, Fetal Programming and Obstetrics Disorders like preeclampsia and postpartum hemorrhage, as well as taking insights in the new technology that allows the identification of placental function disorders.